Unique footage. A mother leopard from South Africa teaches her cubs to cross the road.

The guests of the safari park decided to do some tricks to see the wild animals that live in the National Park in South Africa. Tinus Delport asked his daughters to start singing and thus lure the animals. To their surprise, the method worked.

A mother leopard with two cubs peeked out of the bushes. And then a wonderful sight appeared before the eyes of the tourists. Mother leopard started to patiently explained to her tiny cubs the way to cross the road safely.

The man managed to capture rare photos on camera in the National Park in South Africa. He saw a family of leopards cross the road and the mother led the cubs across it. At the same time, the cars stopped in the middle of the road to watch the extraordinary spectacle.

Moreover, the man assures that they thought that wild animals do not live in this region and he asked his daughters to sing only as a joke, but they did it. He added that for half a century, since his teenage years, he has been visiting this park, but he has never seen such a thing.

One of the leopard cubs lost their mother from sight and began to squeak plaintively, while the mother immediately returned for the cub. The family successfully crossed the road and continued on their way.


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