Two puppies are lying on the asphalt by the trash, huddled together, trying to keep warm, survive

On the sidewalk near the garbage, people noticed two puppies huddled together, trying to keep warm and survive.


A cold snowy evening in City. Two crumbs are lying on the pavement next to the trash cans. They hug each other, and try to keep warm. All they want is to survive.

One caring girl could not leave the kids in trouble. She brought them a box, food, drink, and then asked us for help. Of course, we responded.

The crumbs were taken to a shelter, a veterinary examination was carried out, and treatment against parasites was carried out. However, after a couple of days, the red dog felt bad. Ekaterina took her home. The baby had to undergo serious and long-term treatment.

Specialists diagnosed it as an invasion. This was followed by a difficult and long recovery. After the illness, the baby’s stomach worked poorly, so they started giving her probiotics. This gave a good result.

One of the best periods – childhood – was stolen from Amora (the dog’s name). The third part of this time is irretrievably gone. We hope to find a home for her and loving owners to compensate for such a loss.

At the moment, the baby is in a free-range shelter. A cheerful, pretty, pretty muzzle.

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