Two modest tiny kittens peeked out of the bushes

Passers-by noticed two small kittens hiding in the bushes near the road. Someone had left a bowl of food for them, but the kittens were too tiny to eat solid food.


A month ago, passers-by in the USA noticed two small kittens who were hiding modestly in the bushes and were afraid to come out. Someone left food nearby, but the kittens were too tiny to eat solid food – they were only a couple of weeks old.

When passers-by approached the kittens, they came out to meet people and began to squeak. One of the kids even started climbing on the feet of the rescuers. Then people decided to look and wait in the neighborhood for the mother cat, but for a long time, she did not appear.

It was cold outside, and people decided to help the babies. They took the kittens home, bathed, and fed them. The babies greedily drank milk from the bottle – they were very hungry. At night they fell asleep for the first time in a warm bed, and not on the street.

The brother and sister were named Max and Blue. The veterinarian determined that both kittens are healthy. Red Max was a little bigger and stronger than his little sister and always protected her. Kittens constantly played together, cuddled, ate, and slept side by side.

Now the babies are about a month old, and they are very affectionate, playful and active. After a while, they will find permanent owners for the kittens.

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