Twin pandas saw people for the first time

In Tokyo, for the first time, twin pandas were introduced to Ueno visitors. A thousand people a day will be allowed into the zoo for three days. And we can look at them now without waiting in line.

The twin pandas were born on June 23. These brother and sister became the first panda cubs to be born from the same mother on the same day at the zoo in its entire 140-year history.

8-month-old pandas now live with their mom. By voting, the names were chosen for the kids: Xiaoxiao (“Predawn ray”) for the boy and Leilei (“A beautiful flower blooming from a bud”) for the girl.

Now the babies already weigh 14 kilograms, but 8 months ago they were born with a weight of 124 and 146 grams. The babies looked more like mice than bamboo bears.

Only those who won the lottery were able to visit the zoo. Every day, a thousand people were launched into the territory. The demonstration will last 3 days. After that, the kids will be able to live in peace with their mother Xingxing.

During these three days, there is a huge queue at the entrance to the zoo. But we can look at the babies right now.

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