Tiny lion cub practised his roar for tourists

Lions are without a doubt one of the fiercest and strongest animals in the animal kingdom. I bet that all other animals in the wild (and even in the zoo) are afraid of them. And one of the main reasons why lions are so frightening is the sounds they make.

There’s nothing like the roar of a lion, right? Even if that lion is behind a glass partition, if you hear that roar, your heart is bound to pound hard.Anyway, lions are not born with such a roar.

They have to work for it, but the instinct is definitely there. But this footage of a baby lion attempting to master his roar is nothing short of heart-warming.

Captured in a short video, the tiny creature emerges from the long grass and takes a few tentative steps forward with his head pointing to the ground.

Once in position he lifts his little head and opens his mouth wide in a bid to roar loudly like the majestic animal he will one day be.

However, given that the cub is still very much in training, the noise recorded is nothing more than a tiny squeak.

He then looks off to the right – as if hoping that the change of direction will alter the sound – and squeaks once more.

The video concludes with the cub wandering back towards the long grass on the other side of the path and squeaking gently one last time.

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