This tiger cub was rejected by his mother, but he found his best friend in a dog.

Do you still believe the cat and dog stereotype is true? Not here. For true friendship, there are no barriers, including difference in species, and you can always find something in common, even with obvious differences.

A vivid proof of the above is the friendship of a Bengal tiger cub and a Kurzhaar dog named Chelsea. Despite the fact that the animals are completely different, they managed to find a common language and this is an incredibly sweet sight.

Chelsea is older than Hunter (such a nickname was given to the cub) by only three weeks, that is, they are almost the same age, and the 22-year-old employee of the Praetorian reserve Anthea Mikhaletos nurses them.

Hunter was all alone, without a mother, brothers and sisters, but he managed to find a true friend, albeit of a completely different kind. Anthea, however, says that playing with a dog has the same learning and socialization functions for Hunter as with fellow tribesmen.

They get very upset when they are locked in different cages at night and look forward to the morning. Unfortunately, not everything is so rosy, since this friendship cannot last longer than six months for security reasons. Growing up, Hunter, can simply take Chelsea’s life.

Even now, during the games, he can grab him by the throat, which is already risky. But for now, friends enjoy each other’s company.

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