This is Mia, a kitten with big eyes

Tiny kitty Mia received a hit of fate literally in the first days of her life — the baby was separated from her mother just a week after birth.

This is Mia, a kitten with big eyes

The first owners knew nothing about the cats, and when Mia was covered with scabs and parasites a couple of weeks later, they were happy to get rid of her. Fortunately, the kitten was picked up by Leila D’Souza, who knew how to take care of such poor kittens. That’s when it turned out that Mia was just a fearless beast!

Do you see a predator? And this is it!

The kitten ate a lot. All the sores passed literally after the first course of treatment. Mia turned into a concentration of energy and arrogance, boldly attacking a much larger dog, so much so as to show who is in charge here. Leila noticed that if a kitten’s eyes start to open, some kind of trick will follow in a second.

So, who haven’t we given a nightmare to today?

As a result, the grown-up Mia was expelled from the country, at the request of the new owners, she was transported across half the world, where she became a new member of the family. It seems like she’s down a little, but she hasn’t lost her mischievous habits.

Who would have thought that everything would turn out like this?

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