This dog was saved an hour before euthanasia

Bear’s life hasn’t always been easy. Wandering the streets of Texas as a stray, the gentle dog found itself on a list of euthanasia shelters. It seemed that Bear had given up. Then it got the news that saved its life – and it happened at the last minute. Potential adopters have walked past the 11-year-old dog every day since it arrived at the BARC animal shelter in June.

” Bear was one of 28 lives that were euthanised that day,” said Madeleine Garvis, a BARC volunteer. “It’s unbelievable that a dog like this got put on the euthanasia list. Its personality is perfect, it’s so calm and friendly.” Surprisingly, Bear’s behaviour completely changed when Garvis took the dog out of the kennel.

“We found a dog who suddenly learned to shake, who loved being outside and who loved love,” said Garvis. See how Bear was completely transformed after leaving its kennel. “We have so few opportunities to meet dogs and see how they behave outside, which is clearly very different, as Bear attests,” said Garvis. “It’s not a bad thing to say about Bear. It walks well on a lead, it’s quiet, it walks on such a loose leash it practically falls off it.”

The dog quickly became beloved. Garvis was determined to find a home for Bear before its time at the orphanage was up. “You’re joking. With such eyes?! I love it,” wrote Garvis on Facebook then. «As soon as we went outside, he was younger by five years!». The demonstration of Bear’s true identity outside the orphanage worked. Bear found its forever home an hour before the planned euthanasia. Now it lives a life full of hope, love and care.

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