This dog impresses over 6 million people with its funky dance moves, who wants to adopt it?

This happens to almost all of us… Everyone has that one song that makes you move to the beat. The rhythm captures you, and you can’t help but tap your foot or even dance. You know it’s true.

We see a dog walking down the street next to a car with an open passenger door. Music is playing on the radio. It seems like a nice warm day today, and people can take a walk outside. At least one person is sure of that – the guy filming this.

The little dog hears the music and stops. A second later, it starts bending its legs to the beat, jumping up and down. The way its body moves is almost like an old Disney cartoon. But this is real life.

The dog continues with its unique jumps until it reaches the sidewalk and steps onto it. Soon the song ends, and the dog calmly walks away, as if this is what it does every day. Maybe it does – the rhythm of the song seems to be familiar to it. In any case, it’s always fun to see how it just enjoys dancing to the music. Maybe it’s just a natural-born dancer.

Yes, it would be a lot of fun to see a dog dancing in a music video and getting Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell! It would definitely be a sight to behold for all ages.
Ha ha!
Isn’t it so delightful to watch? Do you have a pet that does things like that to music?
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