They were begging for salvation

In the middle of autumn, residents of one of the American states found a cat on the street. She was abandoned near a residential complex. The cat was sitting in a carrier, there were small cubs under the animal, and there was a note next to it: “We beg for help. Help us.”

Employees of a special organization came to help the animals. When the specialists saw the cat, they realized that the birth was not over yet. They quickly transferred the mother and kittens into a car and brought them to the office of their organization. There the cat gave birth to another baby.

The newly-made mother received the nickname Bonbon. The babies were named Jesse, Halsey, Duffy, and Datterfinger. For the cat to feel safe and calmly take care of the kittens, one of the employees of the organization took her to her home.

Volunteers say that the cat treats her savior with love and gratitude. Despite the stress she has experienced, she still trusts people and believes in their kindness.

The kids are already 3 weeks old. When they grow up a little more and get stronger, they will go to a specialized shelter, where volunteers will look for owners for them. The kitty and her cubs are sterilized before being given to new owners. This is necessary to stop the reproduction of stray animals.

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