They wanted to put the special dog to sleep, but people noticed it in time

Special Cleo was taken away from the shelter several times, but brought back. No one wanted to take care of a dog with special needs until it met one woman…

A very special dog named Cleo has been living in a shelter in Texas, USA, for many years now. The dog has been taken home a couple of times, but unfortunately has been brought back. Because of the peculiarities and rejections, the shelter put this dog on a waiting list for euthanasia…

However, there was a ray of light in this dog’s life in time. A Place for Ace’s owner, Megan, spotted Cleo’s photos. She knew straight away that Cleo was special and when she found out that the dog was on the waiting list for adoption, she couldn’t hold back her emotions.

Megan got in her car that same day and drove to that shelter to pick up Cleo – and she did it. She took the dog for temporary care, and decided to show it what true love was all about. Cleo turned out to be an amazing dog.

Despite everything this dog has been through, it has been full of love. It is a very curious, sociable and playful girl. The dog always wants to know who is doing what and what is going on around it, and its features do not interfere with it in any way.

Recently, volunteers started looking for permanent owners for Cleo, but so far no one has paid any attention to it. The dog hopes that one day it will find a loving home, surrounded by owners who will love it with all their hearts.

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