They cut off her horn and threw her to certain death, but she chose life! And after 2 months, she presented a gift to the veterinarians.

Along with civilization, Europeans brought firearms to Africa. As soon as the local population learned to manage it, very difficult times came for the animals. This was especially true of elephants and rhinos, which were often killed not for food, but for the sale of bones.

They are willing to pay really large sums for this material. Rhinoceros horns, for example, are used to create many potions in oriental medicine. Therefore, there is a great demand for them.

In some cases, poachers simply tie up the animal and cut out its horns and leave the beast for a long painful death.

Thandi and Temba have become victims of similar poachers. Unfortunately Temba could not survive such a serious injury and died in the arms of veterinarians. But Thandi chose life.

Not only was she able to withstand the pain and serious blood loss, but she also gave birth to a baby rhino after 2 months. Now volunteers carefully guard the baby to prevent him from getting acquainted with poachers.

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