The wounded dog was shivering in the cold, crying out for help

The unfortunate animal was simply tied to a tree and abandoned.

Winter seems like a fairytale season of the year. When the fresh snow lies down and shimmers in the sunshine, it feels like magic really exists. However, the whole fairy tale is spoilt by people who leave their pets out in the cold. Who would do such a thing?

They did exactly that to this puppy, tying it to a tree and leaving it to die, for it was freezing outside. The dog was covered with wounds and its small body was shivering with cold. It was waiting for it to be over.

However, the baby was lucky, a girl was driving by that day and noticed it. So the little one was saved.

When the puppy saw the girl, it immediately started barking, and its barking began to break into a howl that was full of pain. The girl’s heart clenched in pain.

She took the poor thing in her arms and the puppy believed it would get help.

The girl took the dog to a shelter, where it was happily welcomed. It needed the help of a vet. An examination revealed an ear infection and some other illnesses. However, the vets were confident that they could cure the animal.

The girl could not believe that anyone would do such a thing to an animal, much less a child. She was glad she was in the right place at the right time.

After the puppy is cured, they will look for new and loving owners for it.

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