The world’s best “souvenir”: a family brought a homeless puppy with huge eyes from vacation

When you’re going on vacation, you usually don’t expect any surprises. You just want to take a break from the hustle and work, not think about anything and enjoy the sun and the sea. No one will ever think that you can return from a trip with a replenishment in the family. However, it happens!

When Natalie was traveling with her family to the south, she also did not think that they would be returning home already in the company of a small puppy. Moreover, at that time the girl already had a pet, a dog named Zlata, who is a year and a half old. Before leaving, people left the baby in the care of her grandmother, and they themselves went on vacation.

собака на прогулке

And it had to happen that a stray dog brought puppies right next to the housing where Natalie and her loved ones settled. The dogs lived in garages, and the girl had the opportunity to get to know the pets better. Since the whole family loves dogs very much, people could not resist the charm of one of the puppies. So they returned home with the baby, who at that time was about 2.5 months old.

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All the way, the baby looked at the surroundings with her huge, full of admiration eyes! It was as if she felt that this car was taking her to a happy future.

щенок на прогулке

Now the pet is settling into a new home. And of course, she has already become a favorite not only of the whole family, but also of the older dog Zlata

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