The woman herself volunteered to help the street dog, and when he was discharged from the clinic, she left him in the middle of the night.

Let’s tell you another story about an abandoned dog. In August, a woman found an emaciated, sick puppy wandering the streets and took great pity on him.

However, she did not have the amount necessary to treat the baby and she turned to the animal activist with a request to help pay for the veterinarian, and she was able to convince the zoo mother that she would definitely take care of the dog until she recovered.

The next day, the animal was taken to the veterinarian and its condition was assessed as serious. At the age of five months, he weighed a little more than two kilos, his forelimbs were damaged.

Since the baby lived in the area adjacent to the plant, it got into a chemical and this caused a burn on its feet.

In the evening, the woman took the dog home, everything as promised. But in the morning she sent a very strange SMS to the zoomama, she wrote that she would take the dog to the plant, as the relatives were against the house being sick and covered in fleas with a dog and were worried that she would infect their other pet.

It was very surprising to observe such irresponsible behavior from an adult. Since you took on the responsibility of leaving the animal, you had to do it to the end, and not then look for excuses for yourself.

The volunteers went in search of the dog and found it curled up in a box. An urgent overexposure was required and, after much persuasion, one family nevertheless agreed to put her in a booth in the yard.

A couple of days later, Lisa was shown to another veterinarian, who identified a huge number of diseases and said that before operating on the legs, the baby should be fattened, since the underweight of the emaciated Lizonka did not allow serious surgical intervention, her weak body simply could not stand it.

They began to give the dog boiled chicken and porridge, which she eats with great pleasure. This zoomema took care of many tails, but only Liza had such a serious condition on the street, she simply would not have survived.

Zoomama has already fallen into despair, but this baby was lucky quite unexpectedly: there were kind people who were ready to leave her and we are very grateful to them for that.

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