The two street dogs refused to leave each other and were inseparable. The shelter decided to make an exception to the rule

Only the most dull-witted people can question the undeniable truth that animals are capable of the same deep feelings and emotional attachment as humans.

They also need friendship and love, and they are especially acutely betrayed by their owners. So it happened with these two wonderful dogs, whose names were Chewbacca and Sisi.

Both animals ended up on the street for the same reason։ children appeared in the family and their parents decided that animals do not belong under the same roof with children. When the unfortunates got into the animal protection organization, they refused to leave each other and provided moral support in such a difficult situation.

 It was their friendship that made it possible to slightly ease the pain and bitterness of betrayal and feelings of abandonment. The employees of the shelter were touched by such a strong friendship and they decided that one owner would definitely shelter these dogs, which was contrary to the rules of the shelter. But the decision not to separate them turned out to be very human.

The staff of the shelter posted pictures of inseparable friends on their page on the social network and a huge number of people learned their story. This is how it turned out to find a family that agreed to become the owners of two dogs at the same time. It is a great happiness that they Sisi and Chewbacca did not survive the separation and now they live in the same house, surrounded by love and care.

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