The trapped dog looked pleadingly at people from the bottom of the well

The frightened and exhausted dog was shivering with fear and cold, huddled against the stones at the bottom of the well. It looked up with hopeful eyes, believing that someone would help it…

Residents of an Indian village in Rajasthan spotted this unfortunate dog at the bottom of a naturally formed well. The dog was huddled against the stones in the corner and trembling with fear and cold. It was looking up with a hopeful eye.

People saw it in time and contacted rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited. Several rescuers went immediately to the village with equipment. When they arrived, they devised a rescue plan, and using a rope, one of the men descended into the pond.

It was obvious that the dog was terrified, but happy to be rescued at the same time. It behaved calmly, as if it knew it was being helped. The dog was safely rescued from the well that day.

The dog was examined and no injuries or trauma were found after the fall. Although it had fallen from a low height, as the well was shallow, it had been in the water for some time and could have fallen ill. Help arrived just in time.

The dog was then taken to the village where it now lives. There the dog believed that people could be trusted, and it shone with happiness for what must have been the first time in many days. Many thanks to the kind people for rescuing this beauty!

Застрявшая собака умоляюще смотрела на людей со дна колодца

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