The tiny kitten limped and trembled when walking

This defenceless, developmentally disabled baby was found on the street. The kitten was wobbly when walking, very weak and sluggish, but wanted very much to live…

A baby kitten was found on the streets of Arlington, USA. People noticed immediately that something was wrong with the baby. It was shaking and staggering as it walked, and it was very weak. It was taken immediately to a local shelter…

The baby was admitted to the NOVA Cat Clinic rescue centre and was determined to have some developmental peculiarities from birth. In addition, the kitten was dehydrated. The staff immediately began to restore its health.

Soon the baby, named Finn, was placed in the care of a shelter volunteer. There Finn persevered through all the treatments and ate eagerly from an eyedropper. Finn was given milk every hour and special supplements to help it gain weight more quickly.

Despite its lethargy, Finn was full of will to live. Thanks to its courage, within a week the kitten was visibly lively. It started eating solid food and exploring the house.

Every day the cat was making more and more progress. It was learning to walk normally, playing, exploring more and gaining weight actively. Nothing was stopping this little one!

The kitten also learned to hold itself and not wobble when walking, which was a big victory. Also, it has started to use the litter box. It is now full of energy and life, although no one expected it to progress so much.

Finn has come a long way in a few weeks, delighting everyone around it. They will soon be looking for permanent owners for this little lump. Be happy, handsome boy!

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