The sweetness of friendship that warms the heart: a pet, a retriever takes care of the baby of its owners.

Friendship is a real gift of fate, and a girl named Macy is very lucky in this regard. After all, she has the kindest and most loyal friend since birth. Yes, he is shaggy, huge, can lick her face, but he is always there and will never betray.


When the couple found out that there would be a new addition to their family, they were very happy. One day their friends asked what they would do with their dog, a golden retriever named Marshal? To which the couple replied that they would keep him, since he is a real family member and everyone’s favorite. And later it turned out that the dog is very happy with the appearance of the child.

The young parents said that when they brought little Macy home, Marshall was very excited. He wagged his tail all the time, looked at the baby’s side, wanted to touch her nose and even lick it. Despite the fact that the girl did not look like a puppy, Marshall obviously mistook her for his younger sister. He enveloped her with care, love and affection.

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