The suffering dog lay curled up behind the garages. He urgently needed help.

Irina often leaves her car in the garage cooperative of the city of Kursk. And then one day, when she was going home, she saw a little dog on the street.

It was drizzling, but he did not even try to hide, he lay still and trembled with chills. It was obvious that the baby was not well, he was sick. She contacted a friend who recommended a veterinarian to her.

When checking, it turned out that the woman saw the dog just in time, since Alpha, as they called her, might not live until tomorrow. Alpha was seriously ill, but medication would have improved her condition, she only needed was a shelter, but in the city of Kursk this is quite difficult to find. There was an outbreak in shelters, so they refused to take new pets.

Ira would have to send the sick baby out of the garage again, but she did not give up, and, in the middle of the night, a girl named Yulia responded, but she asked that food and diapers be brought along with the dog, which was done.

Alpha was very shy, she was even afraid of Yulia, who looked after her and once made a puddle when she saw an unfamiliar guest. Her eyes were sad, but over time she began to get used to the house. But her misfortunes did not end there, she jumped out of the bath and broke her paw. However, the doctor said that it wasn’t too bad, she needed some bandaging, and then the paw would heal.

Unfortunately, the time for overexposure has already passed, she cannot be left outside, and it is not clear what to do with the poor thing, because she needs to be treated, and such babies become the most faithful and devoted pets. We hope she will find caring and loving owners.

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