The stray kitten was trembling when walking, and could not stand on its paws

People noticed this kitten on the street, and when they saw what condition it was in, they could not pass by. The skinny and timid baby staggered when walking, and in general, barely stood on its paws.


This terrified little fuzzy was found in Lancaster, USA. The kitten had developmental problems and several burns, so people decided to help it as soon as possible. The baby was taken to the Human League of Lancaster shelter.

The kitten could not walk normally and stand exactly in place due to neurological problems and staggered a little. The staff of the shelter suggested that it could chew an electric cord, and began to restore its condition.

The kitten was given a cute nickname Navi and sent to a place of temporary care. Although the baby had enough ailments, it turned out to be very sweet and gentle. At first, it was shy and afraid of the new environment but immediately fell in love with lying in the arms of the guardian. It had a great appetite, and it quickly began to gain weight.

After a couple of weeks, Navi changed and became much more active. It stopped being shy, loudly asked for attention, and also began to explore everything around it more, showing a lot of interest. It began to walk better, and no longer trembled.

Navi continues his difficult path to full recovery, but the main thing is that this boy is full of confidence and strength, and there are loving people next to it. When the baby finally recovers, they will find permanent owners for it.

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