The shabby puppy rubbed against the man’s legs, asking for help

A resident of Bali noticed this little dog, and immediately saw how much it needed help and care. The poor thing with the sagging skin was very thin and hungry.


A guy named Aaron lives in Bali, and recently he noticed a little stray puppy who clearly needed help. It turned out to be a girl. The skinny little pooch had damaged sagging skin, and she showed with all her appearance how glad she was to see the savior.

Aaron decided to help her and took her to the nearest vet clinic. There the dog was examined and prescribed treatment for severe scabies, after which the guy took the puppy to his home for temporary care.

In a few weeks, the condition of her skin and fur improved, and a new, brown, and smooth fur began to grow. Tilly opened up more and more and enjoyed every day. She was very grateful to Aaron for saving her and caring for her.
When Tilly recovered and grew up, Aaron found permanent owners for her. The kind dog was taken away by a family who loved her with all their hearts. Now Tilly is a happy and beloved dog who enjoys life!
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