The school invites a stray cat and gives the animal joy: it cherishes every student in the school

After being taken in by teachers and students, the lost kitten now lives its better life as a school mascot.

The cat has no known family and was found loitering down the road next door.

The students immediately adored the kitten.

The school allowed the cat to stay in school as soon as it was declared healthy and received all its vaccinations at the local clinic.

Currently, the cat spends its days basking in the sun and playing with students during breaks. It’s called right in the classroom, and it relaxes in the students’ work areas.

Inquisitive and caring students feed the cat and take great care of the animal, and it is equally pleased to be there.

With it around, students are now very eager to get into school and learn. They like to pet the cat and snuggle up to it when they finish their work.

According to the school’s principal, developing a love for animals is critical to students’ education.

Students are even more excited to go to class because of their fluffy friend.

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