The rescuer group spent about 6 hours putting the goat out from an irrigation pipe

Sometimes animals suddenly get stuck in dangerous places and it’s hard for the rescuers to help them.

This is a story about a little goat who got stuck in an irrigation pipe.

The neighbor of the animal’s owner heard some strange noises and hurried to see what was wrong.

The noises were coming from underground.

So, they called the rescuers team for help. And it was a hard task for the group as the animal was big in size. The team decided to come the other day and be well-equipped.

So, the next day they returned and started looking for the goat but at the same time, they did not have any hope. It seemed impossible to guess exactly the place of the animal.

So, they started to dig a random place and hoped that they would find the goat.
They worked about 6 hours and found its head. So, they continued doing their job and they managed to do the task.

Now the animal is free and at that time he was the happiest one.

After some time it started to rain and if they did not save the animal on time he would drown down.
Fortunately, this story has a happy ending for both the owner and the animal.

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