The poor kitten looked sadly at the people passing by

This little poor thing was noticed when she was lying under the car and looked sadly at the passers-by. The dehydrated and weak kitty was covered in fleas and barely moved – she had no strength at all.

This baby was found in a parking lot in Los Angeles. A passer-by accidentally noticed how the kitten was lying under the car, and sadly looked at the people passing by. The very weak and dehydrated cat was covered in fleas and barely moved. In addition, it was very hot.

Caring people decided to help and reported the kitten to the Alley Cat Rescue center. On the same day, the volunteers of the shelter took the baby for temporary care. According to them, if she had not been saved at that moment, the next day everything could have ended sadly.

The volunteer began to take care of the baby – feed from a pipette by the hour, care for and give love. To the delight of the guardians, the cat ate with appetite, and this was already a good sign. She was nicknamed Willow.

As time went on, Willow began to revive and even show gratitude. After each feeding, she loved to curl up in her guardian’s arms and purr.

In two weeks the kitty gained as much as 180 grams of weight – it was a big victory. Willow has noticeably grown up, transformed, and become more active and playful.

Now the baby explores everything around and learns everything new. She still has a long way to go, but the fact that she was able to get out of a difficult situation is good news.

When she is old enough, permanent owners will be found for her. Be happy, Willow!

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