The owners of the lost dog were eventually reunited with it after five years

The story of a dog called Biko and its associated humane society began in Jersey under very bad circumstances.

The dog was found to be in need of help. Fortunately, it had acquired it from a shelter in New Jersey.

The dog’s microchip, however, was the biggest help.

Guess what the staff discovered after scanning it? That Biko had previously been reported missing for five years!

The shelter staff immediately contacted the dog’s owners and informed them about Biko. They were overjoyed.

They quickly found their pet, and many years later their family reunited again.

And even when the dog stayed at the shelter for cardiac appointments, its family travelled with it and made daily visits.

But if its owners had neglected to take care of its chipping, this reunion would never have taken place.

Let this tale serve as a prompt to chip your dogs.

Following this incident, the shelter in New Jersey started giving away free animal microchips and vaccinations. Luckily the dog found the right people who helped it.

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