The owners moved into the apartment, and the dogs were left to live out in the barracks. People didn’t even come to feed the dogs.

It seems that there is nothing difficult in going to feed the dogs, but the former owners did not find time for their pets.

These dogs have been spotted in the thicket surrounding the empty marriage. People no longer lived in the barracks, and the dogs continued to sit near the house on a chain, protecting useless property and starving.

We cleared the grass surrounding the dogs, fed the animals, which had been starving for a long time, and then tried to find their previous owners. We did not believe that people can simply forget their pets, but it turned out that we were wrong.

The owner of the dogs said right away that she did not have time to go to feed the dogs, and then she completely forgot that she had left them there. Having received the long-awaited apartment, she left without regrets not only the barracks but also the dogs guarding it. After advising us to let the dogs off the chains, she simply hung up.

While we can’t pick up the dogs, let them go too, because they will go wandering the streets and will again have to look for food for themselves and think about shelter from the cold.

Paid temporary care is not affordable for us. Taking custody of the dogs means not only taking care that they have something to eat, but also building warm booths, paying for a veterinarian, and starting to search for new owners.

The situation is simply hopeless. Dogs miss people and gradually run wild, they have been starving for so long that when they eat, they are afraid to swallow.

Dogs meet people with great joy, they have not forgotten what care and affection of a person means, it is not clear how a person could forget about loyalty and love and leave those who guarded his house to the mercy of fate.

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