The owner took the dog to a neighbor and disappeared… the abandoned 14-year-old dog was left with a broken heart

About two months ago, the owners of a dog named Eric left him with a neighbor and never came back for him! Then the abandoned fourteen-year-old dog was handed over to a shelter.

Since Eric is an elderly dog, he does everything at a slower pace than young pets. Most of all, he likes to cuddle with a person and sleep sweetly.

After a long and hectic life, an old dog appreciates the opportunity to sleep in his old age. It can be said that he can’t wait for nightfall to plunge into a long nine-hour sleep.

The pet goes to his bed at 10 pm and refuses to wake up until seven in the morning!

Eric certainly needs to take a nap after lunch, and it is desirable that there is a cool place for this, because he has a very thick coat.

Despite everything, the dog still loves people, and does not miss the opportunity to cuddle with his friends from the shelter. The volunteers are sure that one day he will become the best pet for some loving family!

Eric loves affection and he likes it when people scratch his back. Life in the orphanage was not easy for him. Therefore, the volunteers found him a temporary overexposure in a good family. There the doggie can relax and sleep. But still, people are puzzled by the search for a permanent home for a pet, because they so want him to have at least some stability in his golden years.

The former owner, having abandoned Eric, treated him very cruelly. But all a cute old dog needs is to have his own crib in which he can sleep and a person who will make him feel loved.

The dog is practically deaf, and he needs a family that will understand his peculiarities.

Nevertheless, the dog loves life very much and lives every new day with pleasure! Let him get lucky as soon as possible.

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