The owner asked to put down a cat that looked like a balloon. But the doctor found another solution

The breeder was frightened by the sight of a very rounded kitten. And he decided to get rid of the unwanted pet. But on examination, it turned out that excess weight had nothing to do with it.

Cat With Extreme Scoliosis Gets A Second Chance At Life

Pito’s kitten looked very strange. It grew in breadth and eventually became round like a ball. His owner, afraid of difficulties, brought the pet to the veterinarian Marie and asked to put the cat to sleep.

Кошка Пито

But during the examination, the doctor suspected that the animal had more serious problems than excess weight. The X-ray confirmed the severe degree of scoliosis, due to which the cat’s body bent into a hook.


Marie took pity on the animal and offered it to her grandparents. They adored cats, but were afraid to have pets because of their age. An active cat could fall out of an open window due to the forgetfulness of the owners or somehow get hurt in the apartment. And Pito, who, due to scoliosis, moves little and cannot jump on high ground, suited them as well as possible. In addition, in a family of veterinarians, Pitot will always be able to receive medical care and proper care.

This Chonky-Looking Cat Was About To Be Put Down Because Of Her Condition, Got Rescued By The Vet | Bored Panda

The cat got the life it deserves. She is loved, she is taken care of, and she is no longer in danger of being put to sleep.

According to Marie, the grandparents loved and spoiled the pet, but this close relationship causes only a smile. It seems that with the appearance of a cat, their life has become truly complete. They monitor the nutrition of the pet, give her the necessary medications. And Pitot responds to care with tenderness and affection.

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