The owl took care of the duckling, initially mistaking its egg for her own.

Florida photographer Laurie Wolf noticed that an owl had settled in her backyard. She always loved animals and even arranged a special place for birds to nest, and just one of these was taken by an owl. The girl expected some baby owls to hatch soon.

After a couple of days, she decided to check the nest and found a fluffy lump there, but, surprisingly, it was not an owl. A caring owl had decided to warm a little black-and-yellow duck under its wing. Lori was worried that a predatory owl might eat the duckling and therefore asked a bird specialist about this and he said that her fears were well grounded.

The staff of the reserve, which is located nearby, took up the upbringing of the duckling. However, an attempt to catch him was unsuccessful, the duckling fled to a nearby reservoir, and after a while he returned to the nest again and even called his parents there. Apparently, he liked the dwelling equipped by the girl.

How the duckling got into the owl’s nest is still a mystery. Lori shared that a family of ducks living nearby was recently attacked by a predatory bird, and then decided to hide it in a safe nest, and by this chance, the owl and duckling became practically relatives.

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