The man spots a lonely dog at a petrol station and assumes it is lost, but the dog’s collar tag states differently

When he observed a lonely dog at a petrol station, he assumed it was lost. However, according to the tag on his collar, the dog simply enjoys hanging around.

The post with the dog’s images became viral, garnering 307 thousand likes, and the dog’s owners created their own page for him.

Tyler pulled up to a petrol station and noticed a dog.

The man approached him, thinking he was lost, but after reading the wording on the dog’s medallion, he recognized everything was in order with the animal. ‘Hello, my name is Dew.’

I am not stranded. I enjoy going on adventures. ‘Tell me to get out of here.’ This was tweeted, along with images of the dog. The tweet went viral, and both of them became Internet superstars as a result. ‘Came up to me when I was filling up the gas tank.

The dog simply enjoys going on adventures.’ The dog’s owners even created a Facebook profile for him to share his exploits.

The dog is content on the farm and enjoys playing with his owners and siblings.

The family ensures that the dog is in good health and that the dog’s collar has not only a humorous inscription but also a GPS sensor that follows the dog’s whereabouts.

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