The man “hatched” the abandoned egg for 20 days. And that’s who hatched out of it

Even raising a kitten and a puppy can be very difficult. And to replace a mother with a fragile egg is an impossible task at all. But this man was not afraid of difficulties and decided to conduct a home experiment.

Мужчина 20 дней «высиживал» брошенное яйцо. И вот кто из него вылупился

Recently, a video appeared on the Youtube channel A Chick Called Albert, telling the story of a small creature – from a tiny egg to birth. The author of the video found an egg in a cage in a pet store. The female who demolished it was sold (only the male remained in the cage). And the man decided to try to save the chick on his own.


The owner of the shop was not against it and allowed the author to take the egg home. There he put it in an incubator under warm rays, and a few days later he noticed that a heartbeat appeared inside the egg.

In comfortable conditions, the chick began to grow faster. In order for it to develop evenly and not stick to the shell, the man changed the position of the egg three times a day. Finally, by the 19th day, the first knock was heard inside. And soon a tiny parrot with transparent skin hatched from the egg.

Fortunately, by this time the man already knew well what to feed the chick and how to take care of it, and immediately got down to business. The baby ate eight meals a day and quickly gained weight. He was already looking more and more like a parrot.

As the new pet grew, the man began to think that his dad, who was left all alone in the pet store, would be glad of such company. He called the shop, and it turned out that the bird was still there. As soon as the chick got stronger and learned to fly, the man bought his father. And now baby Albert was no longer alone.


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