The loyal dog walked about 62 miles to find its owners

Everyone knows that dogs are human’s most loyal and best friends. Dogs never leave their owners till the end of their lives.

But this Golden Retriever was too loyal.

The story is about Ping An, who lost her owners several months ago. So, she walked about 62 miles to find her parents.

The dog managed to find its hometown but eventually was lost.

She lost her strength and also got injured. She lay in one of the office buildings exhausted and hopeless. But suddenly a team of workers noticed the animal and helped.

Her family did not want to leave her, they just wanted to move to another city.

But eventually, they could not take the dog with them. So, they trusted one of their friends to look after the dog until they would return.

But after some time the man called the family and told them that the dog was lost.

They were sad but thought that it would be good for all of them.

Fortunately, kind people did not leave the poor animal on the street. So, they pictured the animal and shared it on WeChat.

The post surprisingly got many comments. All people started to talk about the animal and eventually, the owners were found.

So, when the family met their pet they promised not to leave her alone again.

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