The loader fed the stray dog with his lunch, and the same evening the dog saved him

In one big city there was a construction supermarket in which a guy named Gosha worked as a loader. The young man was hardworking and very kind. He constantly fed stray dogs and cats. But his colleague and work partner Denis was the absolute opposite. He did not like to work and treated stray animals badly.

On one of the working days, the two of them shipped a large order to a wholesale company. During the loading of materials, a dirty and exhausted dog ran up to them, and began to watch the guys. Denis saw the dog and irritatingly chased it away. She was scared of the scream and ran away somewhere.

When it was time for lunch, Denis went to the store, and Gosha decided to have a snack. He took out his food container and began to eat. At that moment, that stray dog ran up to him and began to watch him with a hungry look. Gosha paid attention to the dog and gave her part of his lunch. The dog ate everything with pleasure and ran away satisfied.

After work, Gosha went home on foot. It rained during the day, and in the evening the temperature dropped sharply. The sidewalks and paths were covered with ice. The guy, trying not to fall, walked with small steps. But all the same, he slipped and hit himself so that he lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, the dog he had recently fed was running after him. When the animal saw that his new friend had fallen, it rushed to help and began to lick his face. Seeing that the guy didn’t get up, the dog started barking. Thus, he began to attract the attention of passers-by to the victim.

Caring people called an ambulance. When the doctor explained how the guy got to the hospital, he told about the dog. Gosha was very surprised, but realized that in this way the dog thanked him.

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