The kitten rushes into the backyard looking for a snack, but instead finds itself in a perfect happy future

This little ginger cat was prowling the streets when it stopped in the yard of a local girl to eat.

The cat had no idea that his fate was about to alter forever. There was a volunteer girl helps stray animals in her neighborhood.

Every day, the girl feeds cats. A stray cat with a ginger kitten emerged in the yard one day.

The animal appeared to teach the child the route to food before disappearing.

The little kitten was given to the lovely girl by the cat. The kitty was only 6 weeks old.

The kitty turned out to be incredibly curious — he raced about and seemed to be interested in everything.

He appeared for several days before the girl decided to adopt him. Finally, the kitten was brought into the home. The cat rapidly warmed up to people, allowing himself to be cleaned and covered in a towel, and healing his eyes.

The cat rapidly became used to people and other animals. On New Year’s Eve, a true miracle occurred: a huge family arrived and adopted the kitty. Amazing story, isn’t it?

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