The heart of the dog was torn from pain. She was betrayed by her masters and thrown into the wasteland

There was a time when Sarah Nisevich had no plans to have more than one pet. However, very soon circumstances developed in such a way that she took responsibility and took in another dog.

 One day she was walking her dog and when the animal disappeared for a while, she went to check if everything was fine and it was then that she found her pet, who was playing with a very tiny brown dog, which she had never seen before.

 The kid ran up to her and began to caress and wag his tail. The girl felt that it was predetermined by fate and took the puppy home.

 Sarah lives in a remote village, far from the noisy city and therefore it was obvious that the foundling did not get lost himself, but someone deliberately threw him there. She knew all the neighbors and no one was the owner of this dog, but everyone knew that often hard and irresponsible owners bring pets there and leave them to their fate. It happened in this case as well.

The dog was named Strudel and so he stayed at Sarah’s house, but the owners were never found. At the same time, it immediately became noticeable that this is an incredibly smart and well-mannered kid. In the new house, he was somewhat confused, and then he became simply happy with the love and attention of the hostess and responds to her with gratitude and devotion.




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