The grateful Husky ran out of the yard to hug its Labrador friend.

Labrador Messi is a true friend. Moreover, he is attached not only to his mistress, but also to the lone Husky Audi. Pets live on the same street in houses opposite each other. When the owner of a husky goes to work, it is very difficult for him to endure the time of separation, but then Messi comes to the rescue.

Messi is an extremely good-natured Labrador and is always ready to help. When Audi is sad, he yearns and starts to whine, and then the owner sends the dog to talk to him.

Messi starts to peep and bark, it is not clear what their dialogue is about, but Audi falls silent. And just recently, Audi ran out of the yard to be able to thank his friend and hug him.

The owners of the dogs have already agreed that friends will see each other more often, communicate and play together.

Messi and Audi live in Thailand, they often go for a walk to the sea and love to play ball on the beach.

Vacationers are delighted with the dogs, and one of the tourists found out about this story, wrote on his page on the social network and in a short time the record gained a huge number of likes and reposts, spreading throughout the network, although initially dog owners did not strive for such popularity of their dogs.

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