The girl saved a kitten that was lying in the dust on the street and passers-by just passed by it

About a month ago, Jiyan Ou from Malaysia went outside from work at lunchtime and suddenly noticed a tiny colorful kitten near the wall of the building.

The kitten barely moved, and people passed by and seemed not to notice it.

When the girl took the kitten in her arms, she saw that one of its paws was unnaturally twisted and that the kitten was very weak. There were no adult cats nearby and the girl realized that without her help, the kitten would soon die.

“At the clinic, I was told that the kitten looks like three weeks old, and its hind leg is not broken, but simply dislocated. And that the rest of the kitten is healthy, but it has a lack of weight, it weighed only 250 grams,” says the girl.

After the vet clinic, the girl brought the kitten to her home and decided to take care of it. At the same time, she had never had such an experience before and she did not know what to do and where to start.

The first two days were the most difficult. Jiyan didn’t know if she was doing everything right, and the kitten was so weak that it seemed to her that it could die at any moment.

But then things got better and the kitten began to gain weight and become more active. When it finally began to purr, responding to the caress, the girl realized that everything would be fine with it.

She gave the kitten the nickname Tiger Cub.

A week later, a tumor appeared on the sick leg and Jiyan quickly took the kitten to the doctor. Fortunately, everything went well. Over the next couple of weeks, the Tiger cub began to walk normally and use the injured paw.

Soon the Tiger cub was already running and jumping as if it had never had that frightening dislocation. The more it grew up, the more active and affectionate it became.

Now the Tiger cub is about 7 weeks old. It looks like a perfectly healthy kitten and no one would have said that a month ago it was barely alive lying in the dust on the street.

Jiyan loves her little pet. She had never had cats before, and she did not know that she would love this furry tiny creature so much.

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