The girl could not get past the kitten, who was crying at the cafe

Driving past the counter in the auto-dinner, the girl noticed a small black kitten, which modestly stood nearby and cried – apparently asking for food. While everyone else was passing by, the girl couldn’t leave the animal there…

One evening, a resident of Florida, USA, named Michelle went with her boyfriend to an auto-diner. When they arrived at the menu stand, they noticed a small black kitten beside it.

A tiny kitten was sitting near the order window, and apparently, he was very hungry. Cars drove past him, and no one paid attention to the baby. But Michelle could not drive past. Just looking at him, she decided to help the kitten.

The girl got out of the car and took the kitten with her: “At first I didn’t understand what I would do with him later, but I couldn’t leave him there all alone,” the girl says. She and her boyfriend took him home that day and named him Black Bean.

Unfortunately, they could not keep the cat. But Michelle had a friend who worked at an animal shelter, where the baby was given after a while. Now he is under the care of caring employees.

Black Bean was very lucky – he met caring people along his way. Thanks to them, he is now living in comfort and enjoying life. Soon they will find the owners for the baby.

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