The family thought they had brought home their own cat, but it turned out to be someone else’s cat

The owner picked up her cat from the walk as usual, but as soon as she entered the house, she was shocked. A “copy” of her cat was already lying on the sofa in the house.

Maia, a cat called Maia, has lived with her owners in the United States since she was a kitten. She has always been very sweet and friendly, and the owners had no other pets but her.

Usually Maia is in the house, but sometimes she goes out for a walk in the courtyard of the house. One such day, Maia was walking outside. When the owner went to pick up her pet in the evening and brought her home, she was shocked to see that there was… the other Maia!

The owner quickly realised that the second cat was just like Maia! At the same time, the other cat behaved as if it had always lived in the house. All the family could not understand where the creature had come from, but it seemed to be fate.

“He and Maia just sniffed at each other and were surprisingly calm. They seemed to have met each other more than once in the street,” says the owner.

After determining that the guest did not have a microchip, the family decided to keep him. Now Maia’s copy is called Jay and he lives happily with them. He and Maia have become inseparable friends and do everything together.

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