The family moved, changing their place of residence, and the faithful dog was waiting for the owners on the porch for a whole month

Dog Amur silently watched as the owners packed their suitcases, carried them into the car and rushed away. He could not understand what was happening here and for what reason they did not take him with them, because it was his beloved family.

This was his house and the dog decided to wait, because the family could not help but return. But dogs think so, which, unlike humans, are not capable of betrayal.

The neighbors took pity on the poor animal and turned to the city shelter, notifying about the dog sleeping on the balcony, and the owners left, simply leaving him behind.

The shelter employees arrived and saw that Amur was taking food from the trash can. When people wanted to approach, the dog ran away and hid on his porch. He jumped and scratched the door, asking to be opened and he went into his house, not knowing that there was no one there.

For half an hour the volunteers chased the dog through the streets and only then they figured out how to earn his trust. It was necessary to talk to him, calm him down and give him hope for a bright future. The volunteer girl assures that, having heard the affectionate words, the dog approached himself and began to fondle, as if asking to be stroked.

Amur very quickly adapted to the shelter and is very grateful to the staff for their care. When he receives the necessary vaccinations and is treated, they will find a permanent home for him.

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