The elderly cat believed with all its heart that it would find its human

The 14-year-old cat was picked up on the streets, where it has lived most of its life. But despite its long life in the back alleys, it was a surprisingly kind and gentle creature. It was in desperate need of someone to love it with all his\her heart…

This cute old cat was found on the streets in Maryland, USA. Although it had been living on the streets for years, it turned out to be a very friendly, affectionate and kind creature. People brought it to the local Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control shelter.

The specialists determined that the cat was about 14 years old and immediately found a home for it. The cat was given the name Cool J. In the temporary care setting, the cat opened up even more, constantly demanding affection and giving everyone its love.

Despite its age, Cool J is still young at heart. It likes to play, enjoys small things and loves to be with people. After a while, they started looking for a permanent owner for the kitten, with whom it will spend its years.

When a member of staff at the orphanage heard about Cool J, she immediately took notice of it – she already knew in which good hands she could place it. Her 89-year-old mother lived alone and needed a reliable friend, just like Cool J itself. This is how the elderly cat got an owner – the woman fell in love with it at first sight!

They felt from day one that they had been waiting for each other all along. They now live happily together, enjoying every day. The kind woman bathes her little furball in love and the little furball reciprocates her love. Thank you to the kind people who rescued this little beauty!

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