The driver noticed a sad puffin who wandered far from the shore

A driver from the United States was driving along a country road when he suddenly noticed a lone bird, a puffin. It wandered frightenedly away from the shore where it should not be, and this immediately worried the man.

Not long ago, a resident of the United States noticed a lone bird by the roadside. As he approached, he realised that he was facing a lost puffin that looked very anxious and sad, and could not fly. It was several kilometres away from the ocean, where it should be, and could not find its way home.

The man knew that puffins couldn’t be that far from the ocean, so he decided to help the poor creature. He managed to pick up the bird carefully and carry it to his car. Later, he went to the RSPCA rescue centre for help, whose staff immediately took the puffin in.

Specialists determined that the puffin got lost after being 4 kilometres from the coast. Its health was good, so it was likely that the bird could not take off after being frightened. After a short recovery, it was time to return home.

The puffin was carefully placed in a box and taken to shore. It was released near the ocean, not far from where the man had found it. It felt more confident by the ocean, and it happily ran towards the waves. Thanks to the kind people who helped it!

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