The downtrodden pit bull shivered and whined when people approached it

An abandoned young pit bull was found on the street in terrible condition. The poor dog in a terribly tight collar, hungry and intimidated, was looking for scraps and was afraid to even look in the direction of people.

This abandoned pit bull was found on the streets of the USA. A timid, hungry dog wandered down the street, looking for scraps, and was afraid to even look at people. He ended up on the street when he was little, and during this time he grew up, and his terribly tight collar caused inconvenience because of this.

Caring people noticed the dog and reported him to rescuers. The local shelter Life Line Animal Project responded, whose employees immediately left to pick him up. The dog was terribly afraid of everything around him, and it was difficult for people to gain his trust…

At the shelter, it turned out that it was a pit bull. He didn’t have a microchip, so apparently, the owners just got rid of him, leaving him to his fate… Sitting in the cage of the shelter, the poor thing, nicknamed Wally, trembled and avoided people. The staff did everything to somehow soften him and calm him down…

When Wally more or less recovered, they started looking for owners for him. A few days later, a family came to the shelter, who was just looking for a friend dog for their first dog. After learning Wally’s story and seeing him, they immediately decided – this is fate.

Soon they took Wally to their home. The first month was not easy – Wally could not get used to the new environment, he was still trembling and afraid of everything around him. His rescuer was his new sister, the little dog of the family.

Thanks to the little dog, Wally realized that these people could be trusted and no one here would hurt him. He became much more active and even began to show love to the owners. His surprisingly tender, kind, and gentle nature was revealed.

Now, this boy is happy. He fervently rushes around the lawn, playing with his sister, he is immensely grateful to the owners and is always glad to receive their affection. Wally is a cheerful, sweet, and playful creature. Thanks to the kind people who gave him a new life!

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