The downtrodden modest dog was afraid to even look at people

An abandoned pit bull dog was picked up on the street in a terrible state. The downtrodden, frightened and shabby dog was afraid to even look at people when it was brought to the shelter.

This pit bull dog was picked up in Puerto Rico all alone. The owners abandoned her, she was modest and downtrodden, but fortunately, she fell into caring hands. People transferred her to the Love Of All Dogs shelter, where they began to take care of her sensitively.

The dog was named Kochi. Apparently, once people hurt her, so it was very difficult for her to trust them again. When a volunteer named Elizabeth took Kochi for temporary care, the first days the dog was even afraid to look her in the eye.

Kochi was afraid of everything around her and was afraid of the new environment. On one of the first days, she bit another guardian dog because she was very nervous – and since then she was muzzled for a while for safety.

It was not easy for the downtrodden dog, but thanks to the patience and love of the guardian, soon Kochi began to “thaw”. She trusted the woman more and more every day and blossomed before her eyes. She just realized that she was safe here, and she was truly loved.

Kochi has become much more active, friendlier, and bolder. She later befriended her caretaker’s pet dog and began to learn important dog business from her. This girl has turned into a gentle, charming, loving beauty.

When Kochi recovered sufficiently, they began to look for owners for her. One woman was already interested in her before, and so she became the first candidate. She took Kochi in with her and gave her a new life. Now, this dog is happy. Thanks, good people!

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