The dog took 7 orphaned kittens under his care

This touching story happened in one of the English animal shelters. Kittens who were only a few days old were brought to the shelter. People noticed the kids on the side of the road and took them to the shelter. The crumbs were helpless. They needed constant care and attention. Therefore, one of the employees took them home. Rachel already had a Labrador named Bertie at home, whom she also took from the shelter.

The dog immediately took a liking to the kittens. She even started helping the owner take care of them. While Rachel took care of the treatment and nutrition of the babies, Bertie began their education. The dog taught the kittens how to wash properly, showed them how to use the tray, and also warmed and guarded the babies while they slept.

The kittens gradually became stronger and healthier. Two months later they were completely independent.

Bertie proved to be an excellent nanny, showing paternal patience. Kittens from tiny lumps that needed constant attention turned into strong and active animals. Therefore, it’s time to look for new families for them.

There were too many babies to leave them to live in the house. So they had to go back to the shelter. Bertie was very sad for his charges. But soon Rachel told him that each kitten had its own home and good owners who would take care of them.

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