The dog, rescued from the knackers, goes to sleep next to the baby.

An English pointer named Nora has lived a difficult life. She was taken from the owners, who constantly bullied the dog. From the day she was taken from the knacker’s house, Nora has always behaved very delicately. But she was very afraid of people and unfamiliar objects, avoided contact with them.

Elizabeth Spence from Canada became the new owner of the Burrow. In the new house, the dog began to slowly gain self-confidence. She’s still afraid of everything. And the only thing that helps her find peace is the presence of the youngest member of the family — little Archie. From the first moment Nora met Archie, everyone noticed an incredible connection between them, a special attraction between a baby and a dog.

Now Elizabeth has a selection of such charming photos.

The Spence family took three dogs and three cats from the shelter. But Archie is most attached to Nora, as she is to him.

Elizabeth posted these photos online also to show people how loving and grateful animals from the shelter can be. Despite her past, Nora remained tender and devoted at heart.

“Many people doubt whether it is worth taking such an animal into your house. But my experience shows that rescued dogs can be the most gentle and loving. They deserve a chance at a better life,” says Elizabeth.

Of course, mom does not let her baby out of sight when the dog lies down next to him.But she’s not particularly worried about Nora hurting Archie.

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