The dog did not leave the pregnant shepherd, thus showing that she needed help

A small red dog was hanging around a pregnant shepherd dog that got hit by a car. The dog guarded the expectant mother and tried to find help. But the drivers of passing cars simply ignored the animals. The traffic on the highway was intense and dozens of cars were rushing past the animals. But no one paid attention to a pregnant dog who needs help. The dog did not move a step away from the victim, as if afraid to leave her alone.

One of the drivers decided to stop anyway. He assessed the situation and contacted rescuers.
Rescuers examined the shepherd and assessed her condition as extremely serious. The dog had breathing problems and the chances that they would have time to take her to the vet were minimal.

Deciding to try their luck, the animal was loaded into a car and taken to the clinic. All the way there was a red dog next to the shepherd dog, who did not leave her side by a step. Even the veterinarians were surprised by such devotion of the animal.

A pregnant dog was found to have painful fractures, which were immediately plastered. But otherwise she held up well. Moreover, her puppies were not injured. A few days later, the dog gave birth to 11 tiny babies

All this time , the red – haired friend did not leave the shepherd . He looked very suspiciously at everyone who approached Mom and her babies. Only after a while did the dog weaken his defenses and began to trust the clinic staff. Pretty quickly, a good family was picked up for the dog.

The shepherd needed complex treatment. Therefore, she stayed at the clinic for a while.
Gradually, the young mother got stronger, her kids found a home. And then Mom found a loving family.

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