The dog did not leave the female dog, who needed help

The terrified dog was lying on the grass with a damaged paw, and could not do anything. When people noticed it, they immediately saw that it was not alone. A reliable, loyal guard was sitting next to it.

Residents of the United States told rescuers about a dog that was in trouble. The paw of the dog was injured by a car passing by – and it lay on the grass, unable to do something. But when they arrived, the rescuers saw that the dog was not alone.

Next to the wounded dog was a dog. A faithful friend guarded it until help arrived, and did not let anyone near it. People were incredibly touched by such canine devotion. But when the rescuers approached, the dog seemed to know that they were here to help, and let them go to its girlfriend.

The wounded dog was named Betty, and its friend Allen. Together they were taken to a shelter where Betty’s paw was immediately taken care of. All this time, its friend did not leave it, supported and was always there. After all the procedures and recovery, the dogs were sent to the place of temporary care in the family.

Now Betty and Allen live with guardians. Betty is recovering from its treatment and Allen continues to care for it full-time. There is an amazingly strong bond between the two, and they truly love each other with all their hearts. When the time comes, loving owners will be found for the couple!

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