The dog desperately called for help, because the owners abandoned her in the forest all alone

There were happy times when Musya the dog lived happily with the owners. However, the owners turned out to be irresponsible and they soon got tired of the animal and they took it to a dump adjacent to the forest, and left there among the waste.


But the dog got tired of life in the middle of the garbage and she went into the forest, where a group of tourists saw her. Mussechko merrily rushed to meet them, waving her tail, because she missed people and their caress so much, and the treachery of the owners, it seems, did not affect this wonderful dog at all and she remained affectionate and friendly and did not have time to get angry, as often happens in a similar case.

The tourists took pity on the wonderful dog, who was so funny and good-natured, and took him with them, and then handed him over to the city shelter.

There, too, Musya turned out to be lucky and the charming Musya remained in the orphanage for a very short time and very soon she was taken in by caring owners and Musya found a home and caring owners.

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